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A 1A Heb 1:13,14 2A Gen 3:24 3A Eze 28:14,15 4A Eze 10:12 5A Rev 5:11 6A Matt 18:10 7A Ps 91:11,12 8A Ps 34:7 9A Matt 25:31

1A Heb. 1:13,14. Angels are ministering spirits sent forth by the Lord to minister to every person who trusts in the Lord and serves Him.

2A Gen. 3:24. Angels could not be the spirits of the departed righteous dead, because they were in existence before the first man died.

   The angels were in existence before even Adam or this world was created. Job 38:3-7. Adam was made a little lower than the angels. Ps. 8:4,5.

3A Eze. 28:14,15. Lucifer as one of the highest angels was created. As with him, so with all the rest of the angels. They were created beings. They were created by the Son of God before He made Adam and this world. Col. 1:16.

4A Eze. 10:12. Angels are not incorporeal phantoms, without forms or parts but they are real beings with spiritual bodies. 1 Cor. 15:44.

   Angels appeared to Abraham and Lot as real beings. Gen. 18:1-8;19:1-3. During Bible times angels appeared to men at different times, and in God's Word are found descriptions of their appearance. These descriptions show that angels resemble men in general appearance. (Luke 24:4; John 20:12; Acts 1:9-11; but with their spiritual bodies they are far more beautiful than men, and have powers far superior to those of men. Rev. 18:21; Eze. 1:14; Isa. 37:36.

   At the last day when Jesus comes and our natural bodies are changed to glorious spiritual bodies (Phil. 3:20,21; 1 Cor. 15:44), then we will be equal to the angels. Luke 20;35,36.

5A Rev. 5:11. There are many more angels in God's universe than there are people in this world. Heb. 12:22.

6A Matt. 18:10. In speaking of the Father's watchcare over His children Jesus mentions "their angels," showing that to every child of God an angel is assigned to take care of him or her--an attending guardian angel. Thus the Scripture speaks of Peter's angel. Acts 12:15.

   Among those countless billions of angels, there is one assigned to you, to watch over you by day and by night.

7A Ps. 91:11,12. This angel has been given charge over you, to help you in your journey to heaven.

8A Ps. 34:7. When danger threatens, and troubles come upon you, this attending angel, your angel, will deliver you (Dan. 6:22), provided you have rightly related yourself to God.

   There are two kinds of angels--Christ's angels, who compose two thirds of the angels created, and Satan's angels, who compose one third of those created. Every person will be under the control of either good or evil angels. When you obey God there are twice as many for you as ever can be against you. 2 Kings 6:16.

9A Matt. 25:31. All the holy angels will come to the earth when Jesus appears. The angels are God's chariots (Ps. 68:17), and they will come with Jesus Christ at His second advent to take the righteous to heaven, just as they took Elijah to heaven. Matt 24:31; 2 Kings 2:11.

    Let us make sure that we live each day so that we will be ready for Jesus' coming, and may have a home among the "many mansions" which Christ has prepared for those who love God.

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