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B 1B Mark 16:16 2B Mark 1:9-11 3B 1 Pet 2:21 4B Acts 8:36-39 5B Col 2:12
6B Matt 28:19,20 7B Acts 19:1-5 8B Rom 6:3,4 9B Gal 3:27 10B 1 John 2:6 11B Rev 22:14

1B Mark 16:16. To be baptized is a part of our Christian duty. Acts 2:37,38.

2B Mark 1:9-11. Jesus was baptized by immersion in the river Jordan.

3B 1 Pet. 2:21. We are to follow Him as our example. If we follow Him in the matter of baptism, we will be baptized by immersion.

4B Acts 8:36-39. This is the only description we have of how the apostles baptized people. Note that in this act of baptism both the minister and the believer went down into the pool, the baptism took place when they were both in the water, then after the baptism they both came up out of the pool of water.

   This proves that the apostles baptized by immersion. If we are baptized in the right way, we will be baptized just as this man was.

5B Col. 2:12. We are to be buried with Christ in baptism. To bury means to cover over. When a few drops of water are sprinkled on a person's head, or a cup of water poured on his head, he is not buried with Christ in baptism. The fact that baptism is a burial with Christ proves that immersion is the only right mode of baptism. Baptism is a divinely appointed memorial of the burial and resurrection of Christ, and there is nothing in sprinkling or pouring to symbolize or set forth the burial and resurrection of Christ. In single immersion a person is laid back in the water as Jesus was laid in the tomb, then raised up from the water, as He was raised from the tomb. This is the only mode of baptism that rightly sets forth the burial and resurrection of the believer with his Lord.

6B Matt. 28:19,20. Before a person can have a true baptism, even by immersion, he must be taught to observe all things that Jesus has ordained in the Bible for a Christian to follow.

7B Acts 19:1-5. This scripture indicates that if, when you were immersed the first time you were taught only a part of Christ's truth, when the true message comes to you and teaches you the full truth of Christ for the Christian, it is well to be rebaptized. According to Matt. 28:19,20, we really must be taught to observe all things that He has commanded before we can have a true baptism.

8B Rom. 6:3,4. When we are baptized we are to be buried with Christ, that we may rise to walk in newness of life. We cannot be truly buried with Christ in baptism unless before that baptism we make a full surrender of all to Jesus, to do His will in all things. No one is ready to be buried with Christ in baptism until he dies with Christ to the sinful things of the world. He cannot come up from baptism to live a new life unless he really buries the old life of sin with him in baptism. Before a person is ready to be baptized, he must have the victory over such wrong habits as the use of alcoholic, liquors, tobacco, pork, tea, coffee, etc. He must have laid aside all worldly ornaments and jewelry. He must have turned from the sinful ways of the world, such as card playing, dancing, theatergoing. He cannot be truly buried with Jesus in baptism until he is dead to all such things.

9B Gal. 3:27. When we are truly baptized into Christ, we put on Christ, to live henceforth for Christ.

10B 1 John 2:6. After being baptized, we are to walk as Jesus walked; and having risen with Christ, we are to set our affection on heavenly things (Col. 3:1-4) and live from that time on according to the will of God. 1 Pet. 4:1,2.

11B Rev. 22:14. If we follow on in the way of God's commandments after we are baptized, someday we will surely pass in through the pearly gates, to live forever in the wonderful City of God.

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