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CS 1CS Ex 20:8-11 2CS Ps 89:34 3CS Acts 13:14,42;18:4 4CS Dan 7:25 5CS Dan 12:4
6CS John 9:41 7CS James 4:17 8CS 1 John 3:4 9CS Rom 6:16 10CS Acts 5:29 11CS Heb 5:9

1CS Ex:20:8-11. The only weekly Sabbath or weekly holy day ever mentioned in the Bible is the seventh day which Christ the Lord, as Creator, blessed and set apart for man at the beginning of this world's history. Gen. 2:1-3.

2CS Ps. 89:34. Since the Lord will not alter what has come from His lips, the command to keep the seventh day, as spoken by His lips (Ex. 20:1, 10), must stand unchanged forever. God has never changed the Sabbath from the seventh day to the first day. There is not one word in the New Testament about a change of the Sabbath. The book of the Acts of the Apostles contains positive proof that the first day, Sunday, was not substituted for the seventh as the divine day of rest and worship in the days of the apostles.

3CS Acts 13:14, 42; 18:4. The book of Acts, in describing various events that happened from fifteen to twenty-three years after Christ's resurrection, refers to the seventh day, the identical day that the Jews met for worship in their synagogues, as the Sabbath day for twenty-three years after the Lord's resurrection. Acts 13:14, 27, 42, 44; 15-21; 16:13; 17:1-3; 18:4. If the first day had taken the place of the seventh as God's holy day at the resurrection of Christ, the book of Acts could not and would not have called the seventh day the Sabbath day for twenty-three years after the resurrection of Christ. This proves that the apostles regarded the seventh day as the Sabbath of the Lord. Since the transfer of the day of worship from the seventh to the first was not made in New Testament times, it must have been made by uninspired men later. Hence the change rests only on human authority.

The first law ever made setting Sunday apart as a day of rest was made by Constantine on March 7, a.d. 321. The first rule directing that Christians should rest on the first day of the week in place of the seventh was in the Council of Laodicea in a.d. 364.

4CS Dan. 7:25. God foretold that the Catholic power would attempt to change the times and law of God. This must mean that the papal power would attempt to change the Sabbath, as the only place in God's Ten Commandments that mentions time is the fourth commandment, where God direct man to count time, devoting the first six days of the week to labor, and resting on the seventh, or last, day of the week. Under the centuries of the rule of the Catholic Church this arrangement was reversed, so that now men are resting on the first day of the week, and devoting the last six days of the week to their labor. Read Dan 7:25, and note in the last clause that this substitution was to prevail for a time, times, and dividing of time, or 1260 prophetic days, or literal years (Rev 12:14, 6; Eze 4:6; Num 14:34), or from 538 to 1798. It is a fact that light on this wrong substitution of the first day for the seventh did not come to the whole world until after 1798.

5CS Dan. 12:4. This truth from the book of Daniel would be made known when the end of time was near.

6CS John 9:41. None will be condemned for keeping the wrong day in ignorance.

7CS James 4:17. When this light is brought to us, and the seventh day, Saturday, is shown to be God's holy day, then if we do not keep it, it is held against us as sin.

8CS 1 John 3:4. To fail to keep the seventh day as God commands in the fourth precept of His Ten Commandments is sin.

9CS Rom 6:16. Whomever we obey as supreme, his servants we are. We must now decide whether we will obey God as supreme and keep the seventh day as He has commanded, or obey the papal power, in keeping the first day, Sunday, which this power has attempted to substitute as the rest day in the place of the Lord's seventh-day Sabbath.

10CS Acts 5:29. We should obey God rather than man.

11CS Heb 5:9. We must obey Jesus Christ if we expect ever to be saved, and obedience to Christ includes the keeping holy of the seventh day, which Christ as Creator sanctified for us.

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