For GP - God's Purpose for This World

GP 1GP Eccl 1:4 2GP Isa 45:18 3GP Gen 1:26-28 4GP Isa 24:5,6 5GP Prov 10:30 6GP Ps 37:9-11
7GP 2 Pet 3:10,13 8GP Rev 20:9,14;21:1 9GP Rev 22:3 10GP Rev 21:4 11GP Isa 35:5,6,10 12GP Isa 65:17,21-23 13GP Isa 66:22,23

Everybody in the world ought to understand God's purpose for this world, how that great purpose will be accomplished, and how all can have a happy part in it.

1GP Eccl. 1:4. This earth will abide forever. This physical earth or globe on which we live will never be wiped out of existence or actually come to an end, but will abide forever. When the Bible speaks of the end of the world, it means the end of this present order of earthly things, or the end of this age.

2GP Isa. 45:18. The great Creator made this world to be inhabited by man.

3GP Gen. 1:26,28. The fact that God made Adam and Eve pure and holy, and told them to multiply, proves that He made the earth to be inhabited by a race of righteous people just like the first pair He placed here.

   God's plan was for a perfect world, filled with a perfect number of perfect people. The entrance of sin prevented the immediate carrying out of this plan. Gen. 3:17-19. This earth has been spoiled, marred, ruined, and cursed by sin.

4GP Isa. 24:5,6. The curse of sin has well-nigh devoured the earth today.

5GP Prov. 10:30. Things cannot continue as they are now, because God has decreed that the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. The time must come, the time will come, when the wicked will no longer exist. Prov. 2:21,22.

6GP Ps. 37:9-11. The wicked will be destroyed from off the earth, and then those who love and obey the Lord will have the earth to themselves.

7GP 2 Pet. 3:10,13. This will be accomplished by a devouring fire from God, which will melt the earth, and purify it from all sin and sinners; then God will remake, or reconstruct, it into a new earth, wherein the righteous alone will dwell.

8GP Rev. 20:9, 14; 21:1. This will take place at the end of the 1,000 years of Rev. 20. The New Jerusalem will descend from heaven to become the glorious capital of this new earth. Rev. 21:1-3.

9GP Rev. 22:3. The new earth will never be marred by sin. Nahum 1;9.

10GP Rev. 21:4. There will never be any sickness, sorrow, pain, or death in the new earth.

11GP Isa 35:5,6,10. Everyone who lives in the new earth will be happy forever.

12GP Isa 65:17, 21-23. Each one of the saved will have, in this new earth, a beautiful home.

13GP Isa. 66:22,23. Everyone on the new earth will keep the Sabbath of the Lord. This earth is destined to be purified from sin and sinners by fire, and to be remade into a perfect new earth, where the righteous will dwell in perfect and everlasting happiness throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. Everybody has a choice to make: he will either cling to sin and be destroyed with this evil world in the lake of fire, or give up his sins to Christ, obey Him, and be saved to spend the 1,000 years in the New Jerusalem, and then after that to live forever on the beautiful new earth.

   Let us choose to be among those who will survive the burning up of the things of this present evil world, and live forever in the new earth. Isa. 24:6; 1:18-20.

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