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They told me He was coming
My heart thrilled thru and thru
For I wanted so much to meet Him
Whose abode was beyond the blue.

I scrubbed my floor till it shone bright
To please my honored guest;
I knew that when He came to visit
That I would certainly be blest.

I trimmed the hedges, raked the yard,
Removed all trash and debris;
Then off to my neighbors to share the news
And invite them to come and see.

Then I looked inside my wardrobe closet
For clothes in good taste and fashion;
I wanted to wear my finest things
For such a grand occasion.

I looked around and surveyed my place,
A thought came so forcefully to my mind;
I couldn't ignore it, I needed to do it--
To search my heart that nothing ill He'd find.

Though it was important to be emaculate,
It was vital to keep my soul temple pure;
Through the efficacy of His sacrifice,
I could be pardoned and my eternal life secure.

So, with tears streaming down my face
I confessed all my guilt and sins
And claimed the promise in Jude 24
To stand faultless before the King of kings.

My soul was enraptured I began to sing
The songs of a heart set free;
I praised my Saviour forever and ever
For as long as there's breath left in me.

The time drew closer for His coming,
The clock on the wall was ticking away;
I shouted for joy for the Bridegroom cometh
Whose Glory had turned the night into day!

The sound of the Midnight Cry woke me,
My heart still pounding, I looked around;
My husband was sleeping soundly next to me,
I turned and cried because Jesus didn't come.

Copyrighted © Lydia Haga 2004

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