For KS - How to Keep the Sabbath

KS 1KS Ex 20:8 2KS Gen 1:23,31 3KS Lev 23:32 4KS Mark 15:42 5KS Neh 13:15-22
6KS Isa 58:13 7KS Ex 34:21 8KS Luke 4:16 9KS Matt 12:10-12 10KS Eze 20:20 11KS Isa 66:22,23

1KS Ex. 20:8. The essential thing about keeping the Sabbath is to remember to keep it holy. No matter how strictly anyone may keep the first day of the week, Sunday, he really cannot keep it holy, because God has never hallowed or made holy the first day of the week. The seventh day is the only day of the week which God has ever hallowed or made holy (Gen 2:1-3); so the seventh day is really the only day anyone can ever keep holy. When God makes anything holy--a day, a place, or any object--He expects us to be particular how we treat it, and to make a proper distinction in our actions between the holy and the common.

2KS Gen. 1:23, 31. God measures the day of twenty-four hours from evening to evening, that is, from sunset to sunset. This means that God's holy day is from sunset Friday evening to sunset Saturday evening. Proper observance of the Lord's day means that we recognize and treat this portion of each week as God's holy time, and that we devote that time to Him.

3KS Lev 23:32. The "even" which is mentioned here means sunset. Mark 1:32. This rule which the Lord laid down in reference to the ceremonial sabbath of the Day of Atonement also applies to His weekly Sabbath of creation. The Sabbath is to be observed from even to even, that is from sunset to sunset. We should follow the practice of having special prayer to the Lord at sunset Friday evening and at sunset Saturday evening so as to mark off the Sabbath in our lives as the Lord's holy day.

4KS Mark 15:42. The day before the Sabbath, Friday, is the preparation day, when we are to prepare for the Sabbath. On preparation day, Friday, we should take care of the cleaning, sewing, washing, ironing, and cooking (Ex 16:22, 23), so that when the Sabbath begins at sunset Friday night, we are prepared to keep it holy. A safe rule is not to leave anything to do on the Sabbath that we can take care of during the six working days.

5KS Neh 13:15-22. There is to be no buying or selling on the Sabbath.

6KS Isa 58:13. On the Sabbath we are not to pursue our business, and we are not to find our own pleasure, which means that we are not to use the Sabbath for joy riding or pleasure outings. This text also says that on the Sabbath we are not to speak our own words, which means that we should not use the Sabbath for worldly conversation or business discussion, secular reading, or world writing or business mail.

7KS Ex. 34:21. No matter how busy we are with our work or business, we are to devote God's holy day to Him. God gives us six days for our business and pleasure. Each seventh day is to be devoted to the Lord's service.

8KS Luke 4:16. Jesus Christ, when He was here on earth, went to the house of God to worship the Lord every Sabbath day. An essential part of keeping the Sabbath is to attend the Sabbath school and the church service on the Sabbath.

9KS Matt 12:10-12. Acts of mercy are lawful on the Sabbath.

10KS Eze. 20:20. If we really keep the Sabbath holy, hallow God's Sabbath, it will be His sign upon us, that He is our God and that we are His people.

11KS Isa 66:22,23. Let us make the Sabbaths, as they come and go each week, lights along the way which leads to that glorious eternal home, where all the redeemed will come to worship the Lord face to face each Sabbath day throughout the eternal ages.

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