SGT Donald Walters, The Real Hero


You probably never heard of his name until now. SGT Donald Walters was the real hero behind the bravery of PFC Jessica Lynch. He was 33 years old from Oregon. He was married with three young daughters. He worked as a food service specialist with the 507 Maintenance Company, the same unit where PFC Lynch worked as a supply clerk.

Initially, it was reported that PFC Lynch was shot by the Iraqis, stabbed twice, suffered multiple broken bones all the while resisting the enemy, emptying her rounds of ammunition, fighting to the death in a prolonged battle before being captured.

A detailed report was recently released by the United States Army describing what really happened to the ill-fated 507 Maintenance Company when its convoy made a wrong turn near Nasiriyah. The report indicated that a lone American fighter held out against the Iraqis, but it was not PFC Lynch. It was SGT Walters. It was he who received the injuries initially attributed to PFC Lynch. He had two stab wounds in the abdomen, was shot once in the right leg and twice in the back.

The harsh desert environment did not go well with guns. But SGT Walters maintained and cleaned his gun for it worked when it was needed. It didn't jam with sand like some soldiers reported happened to theirs. SGT Walters' family told a news reporter that their son had written them asking for dry spaghetti to help clean his gun. This brave soldier mounted a lone stand against the Iraqis, exhausted his ammunition as he fought to the death.

The injuries sustained by PFC Jessica Lynch came about as a result of the Humvee she was riding in collided with another vehicle as the convoy came under attack. PFC Lynch never fired a shot for her gun had jammed. Some reports indicated that her injuries were sustained not only from the collision but from torturous treatment in the hands of the brutal Fedayeens. Islamic teachings support torturing and/or killing infidels and non-believers.

A mistaken identity, a mix-up in gender had caused one soldier to be a celebrity overnight, the other apparently forgotten. Julian Coman wrote on the UK Telegraph: America's most famous woman soldier owes her fame to a case of mistaken identity.

The emotional homecoming of PFC Jessica Lynch shown on national television and the accolade and standing ovation she received from thousands who came to her hometown in West Virginia to welcome her home only painfully reminded Arlene Walters, mother of SGT Walters, of the contrasting treatment her dead son had received. She struggled to suppress her anger. Fellow soldiers who witnessed the ambush had told her that if she "read reports about a brave female soldier fighting, those reports were actually about Don."

Not that the family wanted to take anything away from PFC Lynch, but they wanted their son to get the credit that he rightly deserved. They have been trying to persuade the U. S. military to acknowledge fully their son's bravery, but were told that everyone in the 507 Maintenance Company was a hero and that the investigation was now closed.

SGT Walters' mother had her own theories about the Army's reluctance to give him due credit. She said: "Perhaps the Army don't want to admit to the fact that he was left behind in the desert to fight alone. It isn't a good news story."

But thanks to the Internet, people are being made aware of what really happened that fateful day. Not that PFC Jessica Lynch was not a heroine for she was in every sense of the word, but SGT Donald Walters should be recognized for what he was--a brave, dedicated, and committed soldier. His valor, courage, and sacrifice were exemplary. He fought to preserve the freedom and values we Americans enjoy--the freedom we desire oppressed people around the world to enjoy as their God-given right. SGT Don Walters' bravery and ultimate sacrifice, whether acknowledged by the Brass in Washington or not, will always be remembered by freedom-loving people everywhere.

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This may be a shock to many people, but the United States of America--the land of religious liberty, the land that SGT Donald Walters gave his life to preserve its freedom--will not always be 'the land of the free and the home of the brave'. Shocked? Continue reading.

Bible prophecy reveals that this country will unite with a very powerful, influential religious institution in an ecumenical movement with other popular, mainline religious entities, and the U. S. Constitution will be repudiated, removing our cherished civil and religious liberties from the land. When this happens, the United States of America, once the champion of liberty and freedom throughout the world, would now have become a tyrannical, persecuting power.

Religious dogmas would be enforced by civil authorities and dissenters would be dealt with in ways that would make John Foxe's accounts of papal slaughters in his Book of Martyrs  seem pale in comparison. 'And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time.' Daniel 12:1.

Perhaps you are thinking this is all far-fetched, and it couldn't happen here in free America. Think again. These pictures (the legacy to our Country by former Attorney General Janet Reno) will jog your memory.

The 'Rescue' of Elian Gonzales in Miami
The 'Rescue' of Elian Gonzales - Year 2000

Government Massacre of Davidians in Waco, Texas
Government Massacre in Waco, Texas - Year 1993

ATF Agent at Ruby Ridge - Government Massacre in Idaho
A Gestapo in Nazi, Germany? Nope!
A U.S. ATF Agent Engaged in a
Government Massacre at Ruby Ridge, Idaho - Year 1992

The stage is being set, the players are coming together, laws are being enacted, and when the time is ripe, the world as we know it will forever change. And when that happens, we'd better be on the right side of the great controversy between good and evil.

What is the USA Patriot Act? Is it patriotic? The USA Patriot Act is an act that was passed into law on 26 October 2001 right after the September 11 destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers, part of the Pentagon, and a thwarted attack on the White House.

The USA Patriot Act consists of 342 pages. It is an acronym which stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. There is a Part II to this act dubbed the Son of Patriot Act  that gives the government even more domestic intelligence-gathering, surveillance and other powers. Many believe these acts to be nothing but assaults to our civil liberties.

Jennifer Van Bergen, an adjunct faculty member at the New School for Social Research in New York and a member of the Board of the ACLU, writes a six-part article entitled: Repeal the USA Patriot Act which states that "The USA Patriot Act is an insult to Americans. The name, itself, is insulting, given what the Act contains and what it will someday be known for: its complete abdication of democratic law and principles. It should be called the Constitution Shredding Act.

"In particular, it utterly relinquishes any semblance of due process, violates the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments, and unacceptably mixes aspects of criminal investigations with aspects of immigration and foreign intelligence laws."

Van Bergen further states that "This law is dangerous. It's a travesty. And what is worse is that few Americans have the slightest idea what this law contains or what it means."

Referring to possible torture in this country, Van Bergen comments on the lines of a satirical operetta 'The Yeomen of the Guard'  written by W. S. Gilbert a hundred years ago:

"The screw may twist and the rack may turn,
And men may bleed and men may burn...."

She writes: "W.S. Gilbert's haunting words. . .could be applied metaphorically just as well to the twists and turns of time and fate, to the repetitions and revolutions of history. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Democracy is a fragile thing.

"...One can also construe Gilbert's words literally. What is worrisome now, under the Patriot Act and the Administration's ensuing measures, is that our government might actually consider such things. I mean, the screw and the rack. Torture."

She continues: "Does the Bush Administration advocate torture? No. Not publicly, at least, although the obvious pleasure Bush has shown at applying the death penalty, and his response to one condemned woman's plea for clemency suggests he might. (His response was to mock her.) Does John Ashcroft? Not yet. But, unbelievably, the idea has been bandied about in the press. (A CNN poll revealed that 45 percent of Americans would not object to torturing someone if it would provide information about terrorism.)

". . .The Patriot Act opens the door for exactly that type of abuse."

Many common, ordinary American citizens have already begun to feel the sting of this very unpatriotic act. The Internet is loaded with painful accounts where innocent people have been held against their will by federal agents, some held at gun point, some humiliated, detained in jail overnight or longer without charges simply because someone had reported them as looking suspicious.

The pieces are coming together. The picture is slowing emerging. End-time prophecies are being fulfilled right before our eyes. Click below to find out that the United States of America is a key player in the fulfillment of biblical prophecies. Already we have been seeing many of the freedoms that we have enjoyed and cherished for so long eroding from the scene.

"Where the people fear the government you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty." --Thomas Jefferson.

"I am not a friend of the energetic government; it is always oppressive." --Thomas Jefferson.

"It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." --Voltaire.  Dr. Steven Hatfill, former Army scientist and 'a person of interest' in the Anthrax investigation (according to former Attorney General John Ashcroft) can tell you all about that danger.

The Image of the Beast.

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