For SP - The Seven Last Plagues

SP 1SP Rev 15:1 2SP Rev 16 (all) 3SP Rev 18:8 4SP Rev 16:17,20 5SP Rev 15:5-8 6SP Rev 22:11,12
7SP Ps 91:7-10 8SP Rev 14:12 9SP Isa 55:6 10SP Gen 7:1,4,16 11SP Luke 13:24-28 12SP Matt 24:44

1SP Rev. 15:1. God will pour out His wrath without mixture (Rev. 14:10) by sending on the disobedient seven terrible plagues just before Christ appears at the last day.

2SP Rev. 16. The first plague will be a terrible sore on all the millions of people who have the mark of the beast on their forehead or in their hand. Under the second plague the sea will be turned to blood. Under the third plague the rivers and fountains, the source of man's drinking water, will be turned to blood, and for a time the disobedient will have nothing but blood to drink. This will be like the plague that came on the Egyptians when their water was turned to blood for seven days. Ex. 7:17:25. Under the fourth plague the sun will scorch men with terrible heat. Under the fifth plague will come a darkness that can be felt. Under the sixth plague, the devil's three generals--the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet--will attempt to marshall the whole world to fight against God in the battle of the great day of God Almighty. Under the seventh plague great hailstones will fall, weighing a talent each, which according to our system of weights is 57 pounds. Nothing like this ever has happened; so it must be in the future.

3SP Rev. 18:8. They will come in one prophetic day, which represents a year. Eze. 4:6.

4SP Rev. 16:17,20. When the time comes under the seventh plague for the mountains and islands to be moved out of their places by that last mighty earthquake, then Christ will appear through the open heavens. Rev. 6:14-17.

5SP Rev. 15:5-8. During the time when these plagues are being poured out, Jesus Christ, our High Priest and Mediator, will no longer plead the merits of His shed blood for sinners. During the time of these plagues there will be no forgiveness for sin. We must turn to God now to receive forgiveness and cleansing from every sin.

6SP Rev. 22:11,12. Before the plagues begin to fall every person's case will have been decided forever. Christ will pronounce this decree of Rev. 22:11 at the close of His intercessory and mediatorial work. He will cease to plead for sinners as man's High Priest. Then the first plague of God's unmixed wrath will fall upon the disobedient. These scriptures make it plain that the seven last plagues will come during the interval of about one year between the close of Christ's priestly work and His second coming.

7SP Ps. 91:7-10. Those who are obedient to God and who trust wholly in Jesus, will be protected during all these plagues. Rev. 3:10; Joel 3:16; Ps. 46:1-3.

8SP Rev. 14:12. The only way we can hope to escape the plagues and have the protection of God during this terrible time, is to turn to Him now in full obedience to all His commandments and the faith of Jesus.

9SP Isa. 55;6. It will be too late to attempt to prepare when the first plague falls. The decree of Rev. 22:11 will be pronounced by Christ before the first plague begins. No man knows when that decree will go forth.

10SP Gen. 7:1,4,16. The door of the ark was closed seven days before the Flood came. All who were saved had to enter the ark on the seventh day before the Flood began. So all who will be saved in this great coming world crisis will have to turn to God in obedience before Jesus closes the door of pardon and mercy at the beginning of the year of the seventh plagues.

11SP Luke 13:24-28. Many will try in vain to enter when the door has been closed and it is forever too late. Jer. 8:20.

12SP Matt. 24:44. We should be ready every day now. 2 Cor. 6:2.

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