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Many of Christ's parables
Tell of separations--
The sheep from the goats,
The wise from the foolish virgins,

The faithful and wicked servants,
The fishes in the net--
The bad ones were thrown out
The good ones were kept,

The parable of the sower--
The seeds sown by the wayside
And other unlikely places
Didn't get cultivated, they died.

The stories in these parables
Are not just for listening;
They're lessons to help us prepare
For the day of final reckoning.

All ten virgins were pure
From the greatest to the least;
They believed and loved the Bridegroom
And were invited to the feast.

Alas, there was a long delay,
The Bridegroom had tarried;
The ten virgins waited and waited
And slept because they were wearied.

The wise virgins were Spirit-filled
They brought with them extra oil;
When the midnight cry was shouted,
Their meeting with Him wasn't foiled.

The foolish virgins didn't quite prepare,
The Holy Spirit they sorely lacked
Without which they couldn't enter
The marriage feast that was packed.

The parables of our Lord Jesus
Are lessons from the Throne above;
All must be purified through
Faith that works by His love.

God's work of end-time separation
Is based, believe it or not,
On our works of righteousness
That on others we have wrought.

It's not enough to just believe
For the Devil believes and trembles;
There's a preparation work to do
Or we will slip and stumble.

There is so much work to do
In the garden of the heart;
This matters greatly for it sets
Today's wise and foolish virgins apart.

We are not saved by works
But without works our faith is dead;
The Oil of God's Spirit enables us to
Reflect Christ's image and work in His stead.

Fruit bearing is part of salvation
Read the parables slowly and prayerfully;
Matt 25:46 says that only fruit-bearers
Are righteous and will live for all eternity.

Copyrighted © Lydia Haga 2004

Matthew 25:10

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BAR graphic for The Ten Virgins

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