(The School Lunch)


Most of the time, my siblings and I went home for lunch. Occasionally, we would take our lunches to school and eat them under the large school house. This school house was the main building of the whole school and served as the auditorium. It sat on concrete stilts with concrete around the base of the posts which served nicely as a place to sit while we ate our lunches. The school house also provided the needed shade from the hot tropical sun.

I'll never forget the lunch that we had that day sitting by the post under the school house. As we didn't have seran wrap, wax paper, or aluminum foil at our house back then, we wrapped our lunches in newspapers. We had the usual serving of sticky white rice and a hefty serving of canned corned beef. Sometimes we had sliced spam (pork) or a can of potted meat with the rice.

As we opened our newspaper-wrapped lunches, we noticed that the prints on the newspapers transferred to the white rice. I do not remember if we tried to read the previous day's news on the rice nor do I remember if we tried to take out the contaminated rice or ate it all anyway. If we ate it, the black ink must not be toxic. If it was, we must not have consumed enough of it to kill us.

We looked back through time and smiled at the manner we had partaken of our simple fare. As important it is to partake of physical nourishment, it is more important to partake of spiritual nourishment. The Lord Jesus has a table spread and invites His chosen people to 'Come and Dine'.

Come and Dine

Jesus has a table spread
Where the saints of God are fed,
He invites His chosen people, 'Come and dine';
With His manna He doth feed
And supplies our every need:
O 'tis sweet to sup with Jesus all the time!


'Come and dine,' the Master calleth, 'Come and dine';
You may feast at Jesus' table all the time;
He Who fed the multitude, turned the water into wine,
To the hungry calleth now, 'Come and dine.'

The disciples came to land,
Thus obeying Christ's command,
For the Master called unto them, 'Come and dine';
There they found their heart's desire,
Bread and fish upon the fire;
Thus He satisfies the hungry every time.

Soon the Lamb will take His bride
To be ever at His side,
All the host of heaven will assembled be;
O 'twill be a glorious sight,
All the saints in spotless white;
And with Jesus they will feast eternally.



Come and Dine Midi