Enter here through this beautiful garden gate for beyond it are the Halls of Memory. As you enter, turn to your right, and you would find the first hall. It is called The Crying Spells. Its walls are colored a drab gray as you probably expect that it should. Click to enter the gray hall.

The Drab Gray Hall - The Crying Spells

Next, you enter another hall called Come and Dine. Its walls are colored rose pink for the color symbolizes the optimism and innocence of childhood. Click to enter the pink hall.

The Rose Pink Hall - Come and Dine (The School Lunch)

Then, you enter a green colored hall called The Payoff. Click to enter the green hall.

The Green Hall - The Payoff

After this hall, you enter another hall that's probably the largest of all the halls. It is called My Favorite Teacher. Its walls are colored appropriately, a sunshiny yellow for happy times. Click to enter the yellow hall.

The Yellow Hall - My Favorite Teacher

Another hall adjacent to it is called Other School Memories. Its walls, too, are colored yellow, for happy times were also found within its borders. Click to enter another yellow hall.

Another Yellow Hall - Other School Memories

The next hall is a black colored hall. It's called Anywhere with Jesus - (The Fear of Death). Click to enter the black hall.

The Black Hall - Anywhere with Jesus (The Fear of Death)

The next hall is a red colored one. It is called Jesus is the Joy of Living.   Earthly relationships sometimes fail leaving hearts broken and lives ruined. The only relationship that would last through time and eternity in joy and bliss is the relationship we have with the Lord Jesus Christ. In His presence is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.  Click to enter the red hall.

The Red Hall - Jesus is the Joy of Living

Just as you think you're about to enter the last hall, more come up. This next hall is very cold. Hence, its walls are colored blue (brrrrrr). Click to enter the blue hall.

The Blue Hall - An Icy Experience

The next hall in the Halls of Memory is a lavender colored hall. It's called A Vacation Nightmare. Click to enter the lavender hall.

The Lavender Hall - A Vacation Nightmare

The next to the last hall in the Halls of Memory is a violet colored hall. It's called The Road to Wellness. This road is paved with good intentions, trials, successes, failures, and humor. Click to enter the violet hall.

The Violet Hall - The Road to Wellness

The last hall in the Halls of Memory has the color of light and is called Sweet Simplicity. It depicts memories of how life was in Guam at some time in the distant past--sweet and simple. Click to enter the light hall.

The Light Hall - Sweet Simplicity

Before you say goodbye and exit these Halls of Memory, remember that you are making memories. Today, the present, is a gift. Live and savor every moment for today's happy moments are tomorrow's memories. Click on the gate below.

Graphic for Halls of Memory - In His Time

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