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My sister Esther was my father's favorite child. The reason, as my Mother often said, was that my father was sick at the hospital for several months and did not see the baby when she was born and during the whole time he was at the hospital.

Esther is currently a single parent. She has three children--Glenn, Francine, and Tamara. She and the two girls are residing in south Florida. Glenn is with the Marine Corps and residing in Arizona, with his wife whom he met in the Marine Corps.

Esther is working as a Medical Transcriptionist and also works part time as a dietician at a Nursing Home.

Esther is musically inclined and has a talent that none of her other siblings have. She could play a tune in three or four different keys. At a family reunion when we were all singing, someone complained that the key was too high. Esther then played it at a lower key. Then, someone else complained that it was still too high. Again, Esther played it at a still lower key to accommodate the person. But then all was not over. Now it was too low for someone else in the group. Esther played the music at a slightly higher key, etc.

One day I decided I'd like to learn how to play the accordion. I purchased one and signed up for lessons at the Academy of Music. The first lesson I learned to play was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I was so thrilled to learn how to play the accordion. I was pleased with my progress. However, my family was tired of hearing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Esther came around and looked at how I was holding the accordion and how I was working the bellows. She wanted to try it. Once she got the hang of working the bellows, she was able to play beautiful music, by ear, much to the delight of my family, and much to my dismay of only knowing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Although Esther went through some difficult and trying experiences in her life, she is rich in the things of God, and her cup overflows and runs over with His love and blessings.

Fill My Cup, Lord

Like the woman at the well I was seeking
For things that could not satisfy,
And then I heard my Saviour speaking,
"Draw from my well that never shall run dry."


Fill My Cup, Lord, I lift it up, Lord,
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;
Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more,
Fill My Cup, fill it up and make me whole.

There are millions in this world who are craving
The pleasure earthly things afford,
But none can match the wond'rous treasure,
That I find in Jesus Christ, my Lord.

So, my [sister], if the things this world gave you
Leave hungers that won't pass away,
My blessed Lord will come and save you,
If you kneel to Him and humbly pray.

--Richard Blanchard

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